Photo: Lestrup Racing/Martin Öberg

Wernersson: “I’m pissed off and I’m heading to Mantorp to drive on pure anger”

Championship contender Andreas Wernersson has added his voice to the dissent from the Volkswagen teams over the SBF ruling which has seen the SEAT-backed PWR Racing team’s results from Karlskoga reinstated.

Wernersson had dropped to fourth in the championship standings after Daniel Haglöf had his Race 1 victory at Karlskoga restored.

Wernersson remains in contention for the drivers’ championship, 34 points behind championship leader Robert Dahlgren, racing with the leading independent Lestrup Racing Team squad this season.

“I am disappointed over the decision this week and have felt a certain dejection ahead of the finale,” said Wernersson.

“We have raced in regulations that, as it currently seems, are not valid and that makes me disappointed and takes away a bit of the desire.

“Now the disappointment has been exchanged for anger; I am pissed off and I am heading to Mantorp to drive on pure anger and see how far that takes us. Despite this, as a team we have performed really strongly this season, and I am going to use my anger to end it in a strong position.”