Privateer Ahlberg joins STCC in BMW 320i

Reigning Junior Touring Car Championship champion Joakim Ahlberg will drive in the Swedish Touring Car Championship this season. Ahlberg is 21 years old and won the title in 2007 behind the wheel of an Citroën C2.
“I have great respect for the STCC-teams and it is going to be extremely though. I will for sure do my best to see, learn and to drive as fast as I can,” said Ahlberg to

Ahlberg has bought an BMW 320i E46 to drive in the privateers cup. Team owner and driver Jan “Flash” Nilsson has coached the young driver during the preparations.

“My goal was before the age of 21 to have reached STCC, established a contact with a successful driver and team to get help. Here I am in a BMW 320i in STCC and have got connection with Flash Engineering and Jan Nilsson. I am going to use 2008 to learn as much as I can for the future. It is very exciting,” said Ahlberg.