New regulations confirmed for Scandinavian TC in 2012

The Scandinavian Touring Car Championship is going to change regulations ahead of the 2012 season.
“We have taken a concept that is based on requirements from the teams in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We are creating new commercial conditions for Scandinavia to run motorsport on a high level,” said STCC MD Bob Huzell.

The previously announced merger of the Swedish and Danish Touring Car Championships is proceeding according to plan and the final races of this season is going to be the final races of the championships in its current state.

2011 is going to mark the first year of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship. The Swedish and Danish Motorsport associations are positive of the development.

“We are wholeheartedly behind this initiative. We are going to work hard with the motorsport associations of the other countries included in the NEZ (FIA North European Zone) and the race organizers to get the championship successful,” said Bo B. Nielsen of the Danish Motorsport association DASU.

“The Swedish Motorsport Association supports the plans for a new STCC. A Scandinavian championship with the new technical regulations is going to give a positive effect for Swedish and Scandinavian motorsport,” said Kåge Schildt of the Swedish Motorsport association SBF.

The current S2000 regulations are going to be scrapped for new, yet to be confirmed, regulations. Information to suggests that the newly developed British Touring Car Championship regulations, NGTC, are on top of the list of the available touring car regulations for the STCC organization.