BTC-spec cars get another year

Cars running to the BTC-specifications, first introduced in 2001, will still be allowed to compete in 2011, although with a heavy weight penalty rendering them uncompetitive.

Speaking on his forum on, Series Director Alan Gow confirmed the decision.

“At our annual teams meeting last week it was agreed to let the BTC-spec cars have one final year in 2011; however their base-weight will be +50kg’s on this year.”

“As well, the only BTC-spec cars that can still compete next year are those cars that competed in this year’s championship…no others are allowed to join.”

The means the only eligible cars are a handful of Integras which were run by WRC Developments, Tech-Speed & Central Group Racing, as well as Boulevard Team Racing’s Vauxhall Astra Coupe and the Honda Civic run by TH Motorsport early in the year. Many of these cars however are unlikely to be entered next season.