Photo: Engström Motorsport

Engström back in a Gulf-sponsored Honda Accord

Tomas Engström is going to be back in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship for 2011, as well as the FIA European Touring Car Cup.
“It feels incredibly nice to be back in STCC,” said Engström.

Engström is going to drive a Gulf-sponsored Honda Accord in five races of STCC, with the ambition to expand the program.

“It is just a couple of weeks ago that we decided to go ahead with this program and we are taking things carefully. If we manage to complete a bigger budget, we are going to take part in all STCC races,” said Engström.

Engström took part in the STCC support class Camaro Cup last year, clinching the title in dominating fashion.

“As we did not have the resources to drive STCC last year, the new Camaro Cup felt like a good option. The success I had in that class made it possible to be back in STCC,” said Engström.

Engström is aiming high for the coming season, despite not taking part in the entire season.

“My goal for ETCC is the overall victory and for STCC the goal is to win a race. I need the challenge, when I became champion of Camaro, there was nothing more for me to do in that class,” said Engström.