Michel Nykjær critical of penalty

Michel Nykjær was awarded with a drive through penalty in the second STCC race at Knutstorp after holding up team mate Rickard Rydell’s championship rival Fredrik Ekblom.
“I do not understand why they didn’t just warn me and why there wasn’t a restart,” said Nykjær to Racemag.

Nykjær started fifth with Ekblom right behind him while Rydell started eighth. As the start went, Nykjær backed off with Ekblom right behind him while Rydell slipped past up in to sixth.

“It [restart] is normal elsewhere, but not here. Instead I get a penalty and my race was ruined,” said Nykjær.

Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden team manager Nicklas Karlsson shared Nykjær’s criticism on the penalty.

“There are no team orders issued, Nykjær missed the start. There should have been a restart if the start wasn’t done properly,” said Karlsson.

Nykjær dropped to 15th while Rydell finished sixth ahead of Ekblom in seventh.