Four drivers set for STCC privateers cup

Four drivers are set to take part in the privateers cup, Semcon Cup, of the 2012 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship.
“We have together with our partners Semcon and Yokohama produced a strong concept that makes it possible for many of the young and skilled drivers to get out on to the tracks,” said Patrik Blomqvist of STCC AB.

Brothers Andreas and Joakim Ahlberg are set to take part in the Semcon Cup as well as Claes Hoffsten and former Junior Touring Car Championship driver Santosh Berggren.

The four drivers are going to be fighting for 50 000 euro in prize money as well as getting free tyres and fuel.

Joakim Ahlberg won the Semcon Cup last year while his brother Andreas finished eighth in Camaro Cup last year. Berggren finished fifth in the Junior Touring Car Championship last year while Hoffsten only took part in the STCC final at Mantorp Park last year with 21st position as best result.

It has not been revealed yet which cars the four drivers are going to be in.