Robin Appelqvist plans to step up to main class STCC

Robin Appelqvist steps up from the privateers category to the main class in this year’s Scandinavian Touring Car Championship.
“I am for sure ready to take the step up. I know where that last bit is that separates me from the best and I know that I have the capacity to close that gap,” said Appelqvist.

The 20-year-old has not revealed which car he is going to drive this year, but it is not going to be in the Alfa Romeo 156 he has driven in the past.
“The possibility is there to run two cars and we are negotiating with a second driver. We are going to present our programme shortly. I promise that there are those who are going to raise their eyebrows,” said Appelqvist.

Appelqvist took part in eight races last year with six non-finishes and 16th as best result. He made his debut in STCC 2010, taking part in ten races with six retirements.