Photo: STCC Media

Brothers Ahlberg to drive Audi A4 in STCC

Brothers Joakim and Andreas Ahlberg are going to drive ex-KMS Audi A4s in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship this year.
“The plan was originally to drive in the big STCC with a new turbo engine, but for different reasons this was a better alternative. I think the Audi cars are going to suit me and Andreas really well and this is a step in a long-term solution for us,” said Joakim Ahlberg.

Joakim Ahlberg won the privateers’s cup of the STCC last year in a BMW 320i E46 while his brother Andreas drove Camaro Cup last year.
“It is going to be fun to test something new and now it is not far to the first tests that I am really looking forward to,” sad Andreas Ahlberg.

While the ex-KMS Audi A4 B7s are equipped with a 2.0 naturally aspirated engine, the brothers are aiming to run two NGTC specification cars next year.