Fredric Magnusson replaces Niclas Olsson at Brovallen Design

Fredric Magnusson has joined Brovallen Design for the STCC race at Östersund in two weeks.
“It is going to be great. I have huge respect for the competitors. The other 14 drivers are really top of the line. All positions I can gain is a bonus,” said Magnusson to

The 27-year-old is going to replace Niclas Olsson, driving Brovallen Design’s second Citroën C5 alongside Jocke Mangs.
“Step one is the Östersund race. If I perform really well for the team, it isn’t impossible that I can continue. But I daren’t hope for anything yet,” said Magnusson.

Magnusson has previously raced Formula Ford, JTCC and most recently Camaro Cup last year where he crashed heavily at the very track he is going to make his STCC debut on.
“I know that I can drive. I showed that in both 2008 and 2009, when I was in the top. But it has been a tough journey from last year. We haven’t caught up with everything yet (economically),” said Magnusson.

Östersund is the home track for Magnusson who tested the Citroën at Karlskoga last week for 18 laps, no more testing is allowed due to the STCC test stop.
“The race at Östersund is really important. Everything, to build my brand. To be the home driver hope,” said Magnusson.