Linus Ohlsson joins Brovallen Design to drive third Kia

Linus Ohlsson is going to drive a third Kia Optima for Brovallen Design, this year named Team Kia, in the 2014 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship.
”This suits me perfectly. It is going to be great fun driving for Kia, a new manufacturer going for STCC and the cars are looking really good,” said Ohlsson.

The 23-year-old drove for Volvo Polestar Racing last year and Team Tidö the year before that, finishing second overall.

“We know that Linus is really fast and to have him in the team will be really good for our other young drivers Andreas (Wernersson) and Mattias (Lindberg). I like the fact that we will have three cars for the first race where the oldest driver is 23 years,” said team owner Tobias Johansson.

The contract between Brovallen Design and Ohlsson is so far only for the first race at Knutstorp next week, but the team is working hard to make it a complete season.

“We are working together with the team to get more partners in order to secure full season. I am very much looking forward to start racing with Team Kia,” said Ohlsson.

The 2014 STCC season starts May 9-10 at Knutstorp in the south of Sweden.