Photo: Honda Yuasa Racing

Honda Yuasa Racing unveils new Civic for 2015 BTCC

Honda Yuasa Racing has unveiled the new Honda Civic Type R for the 2015 British Touring Car Championship.
”We cannot wait for the new season to start. Our car for 2015 is going to win races. The shape of the new road going Civic Type R has allowed the team to build on the design and take it forward to be a championship winning car,” said Barry Plowman, Technical Director at Honda Yuasa Racing.

The car is based on the new Civic Type R model and the team states that it produces more downforce, less drag and a more effective air flow management compared to the estate used last year.

“This is a car that not just us, but the entire automotive industry has been waiting for. We are as excited as anybody to start running the Civic Type R, which is a massive step forward from last year’s Tourer – from the engine to the handling and aerodynamics,” said Matt Neal.

Neal and Gordon Shedden continues as drivers, with the duo having a bullish goal ahead of the season start.

“We are champing at the bit to get this distinctive, aggressive looking car out on the track. It’s going to stand out and cause a real stir on the track. Especially when we clean up in the championship!” said Shedden.


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