Photo: TCR Media

Campos hopeful of resolving overheating issues for Sunday

Both of Campos Racing’s Opel Astra OPCs were forced to miss the first round of the 2015 TCR International Series in Malaysia today due to overheating issues, which has forced the team to develop a new radiator on the fly to fit to the German hatchback which was due to be raced by Igor Skuz and Jordi Oriola this weekend.

“We have designed and built on the spot bigger radiators, which we will fit this afternoon,” said Campos team manager Rubén Espín. “Given the very high temperatures, we preferred not to race today in order to avoid bigger issues, but we will be ready for tomorrow’s races. We still pay the price for a short preparation time ahead of this first event, but we hope to be in running order for Sunday’s race 2.”