Photo: Polestar Cyan Racing

Thed Björk emotional after record-breaking third straight title

Thed Björk became the first ever STCC driver to claim three consecutive titles in the 2015 season finale at Kntustorp, leaving the Polestar Cyan Racing driver emotional.

”I have fought so hard to get to this stage of my career and to become the first ever driver to take three consecutive titles is something I will carry with me for ever,” said Björk.

Björk fought his team mate Fredrik Ekblom for the title and while he had a strong points gap, the Volvo driver says he could not relax at any stage during the weekend.

”To claim pole and 25 points was a decisive moment, but it didn’t mean that I could relax. I had to finish the races and keep out of trouble as Fredrik was on fire, winning both races,” said Björk.

The gap in the standings was 23 points ahead of the weekend, 30 points after qualifying and down to 20 points ahead of the final race. Both Volvo drivers had to fight up through the field from the reversed grid, with Björk starting tenth and Ekblom ninth.

As Ekblom made his way to the top, Björk was stuck behind Saab driver Emma Kimiläinen in ninth position for a good while, meaning not enough points to beat his team mate. When the Volvo driver finally made the move on the Saab driver, there was contact between the two and Björk was given a warning by the stewards.

”I was a lot faster than her and I had to get past. If I had become stuck there, things could have turned to the worse quickly. I was committed and went on the inside of her as she tried to defend and turned in. We made some contact, but luckily both our cars were in one piece and I got through,” said Björk.

Björk climbed to fifth position, more than enough to secure the titel and got two bonus positions as Kia driver Kevin Aabol and Dacia driver Mattias Andersson collided in the final corner of the last lap.

”The feeling was awesome when passing the finishing line. A huge thanks to everyone in the team for an awesome season,” said Björk.

His title brings him equal to Richard Göransson as the most successful STCC drivers in terms of the number of titles; four.