Regrouping the theme of 2016 for Welch Motorsport

Dan Welch was happy with his double points-scoring performance at Brands Hatch, hailing it a “miracle” that the car even made it out on track in the first place.

Welch Motorsport had a tough two years while running their own engine, but now the team have switched to the Swindon-built TOCA spec-engine they enjoyed a pair of points-scoring results and had outside interference costing them a shot at a third.

“We’ve had two terrible years,” Welch told TouringCarTimes. “Not getting equality on our engine it just shows there’s nothing wrong with the car, and there hasn’t been, if we had this engine two years ago it’d be a totally different story I think.

“We’ve got here being totally unprepared, not being ready, not having the budget here to do it, not having enough tyres, enough brakes, all the stuff that helps the performance and come away with two alright results. Race three we could’ve had a similar result, maybe even further, but for the battering rams of MGs. I got mucked up on the start line because one of the MGs stalled and then three quarters around my first lap I got taken off by an MG at Surtees.”

Welch also states he could have scored even more points in the first two races, had the team not had to nurse an overheating engine, forcing him to back off the Proton Gen-2 every time he approached any form of traffic.

“We’ve been nursing a bit of an overheating engine all weekend which has been hampering my pace,” he explained. “As soon as I reached any traffic in the race I had to back off, but that’s down to us now but I’m very happy where we are at the minute. It’s an awful lot better than where I thought, it’s a miracle for us to even turn up.”

With the momentum of one of his best weekends in recent memory, Welch now looks on to Donington Park, and even hinted at a possible test before the next round.

“I’ve never done much testing before,” said Welch. “We’d like to try and get a test in before Donington, we’ve got a list as long as our arm with jobs we need to knock off so regrouping this year will be the thing, get back, have a competitive car, get back racing, have some fun try and get some people involved and build the budget as we go.”