Opel to focus on testing Astra TCR in the next few months

After Opel’s first run in the TCR International Series at the Bahrain curtain raiser, the German manufacturer announced testing will continue in the coming months before finalising the Astra TCR’s programme and start delivering their cars to customers.

“The event in Bahrain, where the Astra TCR competed as part of our test and development programme, provided us with some valuable results,” said Opel Motorsport director Jörg Schrott. “The race weekend under special climatic conditions proved that the development of the Astra TCR is not finalized yet, so we will now thoroughly continue the test and development programme. As soon as it is completed, we will start the delivery of the Astra TCR to our customers.”

Series promoter Marcello Lotti says the Astra will take time to be developed, just like all other cars seen in TCR: “The Astra TCR it is one of the most beautiful and eagerly-awaited cars in the field, but Opel Motorsport needs to focus on testing in order to finalise its technical development. We are well aware that when a new racing car is built to comply with a brand new set of rules like TCR’s – that is only in its second season – it takes some times before this phase is completed.

“We have already seen this happening with other brands that have recently joined the series. We hope Opel will complete the development soon and look forward to seeing the three Astra TCR cars run by Target Competition join the TCR International Series for good.”

The TCR International Series will return to action in Portugal at Estoril this weekend.