Photo: Supercars Championship

V8 Supercars drops V8 from its name to Supercars Championship

A major change has just taken place for the iconic Australian championship V8 Supercars, today announcing a new name without the word V8 in it: Supercars Championship

The name change is the second in the history of the championship with it being named Australian Touring Car Championship until 1997.

While V8 is gone in the name, the V8 engines will still remain in the championship underlines CEO James Warburton.

“V8 engines will always be part of our sport,” Warburton said. “But as we continue to open the door to new manufacturers and different engine configurations as part of the transition to the Gen2 regulations, we believe the time is right to move Supercars.”

The name change comes as the new Gen2 regulations will come into force next year, allowing turbo charged V6 and four-cylinder engines, as well as coupé body shapes.

“More will become clear as we roll out our 2025 vision and our strategy in terms of the other categories we’re looking at and things that will come together,” said Warburton.

A new naming rights deal was also announced today with Virgin Australia signing a five-year contract, making the full name: Virgin Australia Supercars Championship