Flash Engineering shelves plans to enter 2017 STCC

Flash Engineering owner and founder Jan ”Flash” Nilsson has shelved plans to enter the 2017 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship season under the new TCR regulations.

“I had a thing going on, but the pieces of the puzzle did not quite fit,” said ”Flash” to TT.

Information to TouringCarTimes suggests that Flash Engineering was in discussions with Nissan, the manufacturer with which they raced under the TTA regulations last year, for a TCR project.

While “Flash” has announced his retirement from racing once before, he is not closing the door completely this time.

“I have since 1995 been spoiled by being a factory driver and then you want it to be at a certain level to not be frustrated. And this time I did not get it. But this time I will not say never more. I might do it again if I get the right conditions,” said ”Flash”.

“Flash” has said that he might work as a mentor this year for Linus Ohlsson who drove for him last season in the STCC.