Photo: TCR Media

TCR freeze homologation for three years in general meeting

The TCR International Series has introduced a three-year freeze on homologation, and introduced a single engine per season lockdown in order to control costs at its general meeting at Adria.

Representatives from all of the national series convened at the circuit ahead of tomorrow’s Balance of Performance test, in which Andrea Belicchi and Nicola Larini will help determine the measures which will equalise the pace of ten of the TCR-specification cars across all of the series.

The homologation freeze will apply to all ten models, and the engine change freeze is a new introduction, similar to that employed in the World Touring Car Championship.

The first engine change will result in a five-place grid penalty, while any further changes will result in a drop to the back of the grid.

Cars with only temporary homologation will not be eligible for points in any TCR series events.

Representatives at the meeting included those from the International Series, Asia, Baltic, Benelux, China, Germany, Iberico, Italy, Middle East, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain and Thailand.