First Kia confirmed for the 2017 STCC

TeamA Teknik in cooperation with Brovallen Design has confirmed the first Kia Cee´d TCR for the 2017 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship with driver Nicklas Oscarsson.

”We have chosen our own solution and we really look forward to the season. This is both going to be fun and exciting,” said Oscarsson.

The 18-year-old will make his STCC debut this year and raced in the STCC support class Clio Cup last year where he finished as runner-up.

The Kia becomes the fifth brand to be on the grid in the championship, joining SEAT, Audi, Volkswagen and Honda.

”The easiest thing would of course have been to do what a lot of our competitors have done and select a TCR from one of the more popular brands,” said Per Oscarsson, father to Nicklas and team owner.

”But we are happy to stir things around and we think that with our resources, we have the greatest opportunities if we have not got the same material like the others. We did the same thing when Nicklas drove go cart, we always drove with another chassis than our strongest competitors.”

Confirmed entries for the 2017 STCC

Micke Ohlsson – Audi RS 3 – Brink Motorsport
Tobias Brink – Audi RS 3 – Brink Motorsport
Marcus Annervi – Honda Civic – Rent A Wreck Racing
Albin Wärnelöv – Volkswagen Golf – Lestrup Racing
Poker Wallenberg JR – SEAT León – PWR Racing
Robert Dahlgren – SEAT León – PWR Racing
Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky – Audi RS 3 LMS – PWR Racing
Fredrik Blomstedt – Volkswagen Golf – Kristoffersson Motorsport
Johan Kristoffersson – Volkswagen Golf – Kristoffersson Motorsport
Andreas Ahlberg – Volkswagen Golf – Micke Kågered Racing
Peter Möller – Volkswagen Golf – Micke Kågered Racing
Mattias Andersson – Honda Civic – Team Honda Racing
Kari-Pekka Laaksonen – SEAT León – LMS Racing
Olli Parhankangas – SEAT León – LMS Racing
Antti Buri – Audi RS 3 – LMS Racing
Niko Kankkunen – Audi RS 3 – LMS Racing
Nicklas Oscarsson – Kia Cee’d – TeamA Teknik
TBA – SEAT León – LMS Racing
TBA – SEAT León – PWR Racing
TBA – Honda Civic – TBA