Photo: TCR Series

WestCoast blast driving standards and threaten to reevaluate programme

WestCoast Racing had a weekend to forget at Monza, with both drivers being involved in incidents and leaving the Italian track without having scored any points.

Giacomo Altoè had to retire from Race 1 on Saturday after being pushed off the track at Curva Grande on the first lap, breaking his left front suspension, with Gianni Morbidelli having to recover after an incident at the start, only to be forced off-track again to finish 11th.

Race 2 didn’t go much better, with Morbidelli going off the track whilst he was battling for position, and Altoè finishing 12th and out of the points.

Driving standards and lack of stewards’ action has been criticised at Monza, with many drivers and team directors stating that what is being seen is not good for the championship. James Nixon, team manager at WestCoast Racing, was very outspoken after the race.

“It appears the International Series has some of the worst driving standards currently in any series I watch. Sadly, most of these incidents seem to go un noticed by the people that count! We were passed yet again more times off the track than on, but no positions given back. Maybe it’s better to have no rules but it’s not the kind of motorsport we want for the team.”

The team is now considering their future in the series as they lie ninth in the standings with just 22 points after four rounds. “As a team we need to look at our options tomorrow and decide if we continue to support this philosophy of racing.”