Kristoffersson Motorsport say they are “hampered” by the BoP system

Kristoffersson Motorsport did not get the 2018 STCC season start they were hoping for as they were outpaced by main rivals PWR Racing in the opening round and team owner Tommy Kristoffersson criticises the Balance of Performance (BoP) system.

“TCR is a great concept and it will become even better, but we do not think that there is balance in the judgements so far. We are currently inhibited by the Balance of Performance system,” said Kristoffersson.

Kristoffersson says that the success of Volkswagen abroad is working against them as the weight calculations of the BoP are partially based on other international TCR championships.

“The success of Volkswagen internationally in TCR is working against us. SEAT (PWR Racing) for example has done a really good job in Sweden, but not abroad,” said Kristoffersson.

The team is nonetheless hoping to strike back in this weekend’s races at Anderstorp after completing a number of test days, with Johan Kristoffersson currently placed fourth, nine points behind championship leader and PWR Racing driver Daniel Haglöf.

“Perhaps it is good for us to head to a race and strike a bit from below. It triggers us to work even harder and we haven’t left anything for chance ahead of the race at Anderstorp,” said Tommy Kristoffersson.