Photo: STCC/Teambild

Appeal decision causes explosion in the STCC as TCR promoter threatens to quit

The verdict from the Swedish Motorsport Federation (SBF) today reinstating the PWR Racing team’s results from Karlskoga has caused a seismic disruption in the STCC, as the TCR Scandinavia promoter Greger Petersson has threatened to pull out of the championship, while WestCoast Racing are considering a further appeal.

The PWR Racing team had their results from Karlskoga reinstated following an appeal hearing by the SBF this morning, which puts Robert Dahlgren back in the lead of the championship, and hands the operation the teams’ title one round early.

“I am incredibly upset over their statements,” said TCR Scandinavia promoter Greger Peterson to TT.

“The accusations against all of us that have written the regulations are serious. The statements are highly surprising; what they are saying is that the entire TCR world has written regulations that are impossible to understand. Could it be that the Disciplinary Board lack competence to read regulations? I have contacted my parent organisation and asked on how to act. I have asked the question whether we at all can be a part of the Swedish Motorsport Federation and the STCC after this.”

The verdict that upheld PWR Racing’s appeal included a section that criticised the way the TCR regulations are written:

“It seems to be regulations that no one really understands, as one has to contact the people that have written them to get the right interpretation.”

WestCoast Racing team principal Dick Jonsson-Wigroth has challenged the fact that the cars have effectively been declared legal after a point in time where from a technical standpoint, the cars were not compliant during the Karlskoga race weekend.

“My interpretation is that they have been cleared because of a technicality at the same time as what we protested against was not allowed. I am considering to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Board,” he said.