Philip Morin content with junior trophy – targets main title next year

PWR Racing’s Philip Morin says incidents and technical issues forced him to switch his focus mid-season from battling for the overall drivers’ title to the junior title (JTCC), which he secured this weekend at Mantorp Park – but the 22-year-old says he hopes to be back with the Cupra team next year to fight for the main trophy.

“Going into this year, I knew I was going to be quick and the team also had incredible speed, so my ambition was to be a title contender in the main championship, as I want to compare myself with the best no matter the age they are,” said Morin to TouringCarTimes.

“But we had some bad luck right from the start in the first race with a puncture, and then we had a gearbox issue in the second race.

“So we had an uphill battle right from the beginning, but it’s also good to show experience and be calm in those kinds of situations and score as many points as we did in the races after.”

Morin admitted his focus then switched to the junior title, which he was trailing at the mid-point to Kristoffersson Motorsport driver Hugo Nerman, but managed to power through in the final rounds to secure the junior trophy, in the final year he’s technical eligible, as the upper age limit is 22, Morin’s age.

“Going into the last two to three races I was out of the championship battle, so then the goal was to complete the junior championship and I managed to do that here this weekend.

“I’ve had the most pole positions this year, and it feels a bit so-so to have not made the most out of that, but it’s my first year in front-wheel drive and my first year in this championship.”

Morin aims to be back with the teams’ championship-winning PWR Racing squad next year, but there’s nothing in-place as yet.

“I don’t have plans to do anything else, but there’s nothing done yet as we’ve had full focus on this season. Now we’ll sit down with the team and look at things for next year.”