Mark Winterbottom completes maiden Holden test

Mark Winterbottom has completed his first test in a Holden Commodore following his switch to Charlie Schwerkolt Racing after 13 years with Ford team Tickford Racing.

“Really cool to drive it and feel the little things about it. It’s definitely different,” said Winterbottom.

The 2015 Supercars champion only completed ten laps at Queensland Raceway, with the next test in about a month with at Phillip Island.

“It’s been a lot of build-up, the countdown and all of that anxiety to get in and have a play, but 10 laps is enough to give you that little satisfaction to know that in a month’s time we’re ready,” said Winterbottom.

“We’ll go back now, prep it properly, get the seat right, get the steering wheel right, those little ergonomics. We’re ready for (February) 14th.”