Photo: Triple Eight

Holden move closer to Triple Eight contract extension

Holden is moving closer to extend their contract with Triple Eight Race Engineering as the current deal is in its third and final year.

“We’re positive about a continuing relationship with Triple Eight,” said Kristian Aquilina, head of marketing at Holden to

“We’re just talking through what that looks like, the shape of that, and we’ve got a bit more time to talk about it. There is no gun to our head. No deadline. The people who need to know where things are at are well-informed, they can all make the right decisions on what they do next.”

While Ford has switched to the Mustang model for this year, Holden confirm they are committed to the Commodore model but will keep an eye on the development of the next generation control chassis that could further encourage moving away from the bigger sedan models.

“Our immediate concerns are around making sure we’re competitive with the chassis we’ve got, that’s where it stops in terms of my own personal consideration,” said Aquilina.

“At some point if there is dialogue and a forum set up to address these specific items, we’ll go through that in that forum rather than discussing any ideas that might come to mind now.”