Photo: PSP Images

First strikes reset after Brands Hatch season opener

Six drivers have had strikes removed from their records following the opening meeting of the BTCC season at Brands Hatch.

Under revised regulations that were introduced at the start of the 2018 season, a strike now remains with a driver for a period of twelve months from the time it is handed out, with 16 drivers carrying at least one strike into 2019 as a result.

The 2018 season opener at Brands Hatch took place across the weekend of 7/8 April, meaning any strikes that were picked up during the first three races of last year have been struck off the records as of today [Monday].

The big ‘winner’ as a result is Team BMR driver Senna Proctor, who had picked up two strikes in the corresponding meeting twelve months ago and now has just one to his name.

Proctor’s BMR team-mate Ash Sutton as well as Team HARD driver Jack Goff drop from two strikes down to one, whilst Aiden Moffat, Matt Neal and Stephen Jelley have all now had the single strike they were carrying removed from the records.