Photo: TCR Europe

Dušan Borković: “I can no longer suffer from this injustice”

The TCR Europe series promoter earlier today decided to ban Dušan Borković for the remaining part of the season following the incident at the Red Bull Ring, a decision which has left the Serbian driver feeling as though he’s been unjustly treated.

“I was aware that my gesture would cause some kind of punishment, but I also expected a penalty for the driver (Nelson Panciatici) who knocked me out in the last seconds of the race,” said Borković.

“That driver was not punished, but I was. I can no longer tolerate this kind of injustice and decisions that destroy not only my ambitions, but also the plans of a whole team of people who are working hard to achieve results of worth and attention.”

Instead the Target Competition driver has put the spotlight on the driving standards in the TCR Europe series. and M Racing driver coach Yvan Muller, who confronted Borković before he could speak to Panciatici after the race.

“I was hoping that the problems were temporary and there was no bad intention from me or my team. But as time passed, I realised that nothing improved and there are incidents where, as a rule, I am going to be on the receiving end, without penalies for drivers who were the initiators of such situations,” said Borković.

“Such a situation has frustrated me to the point that I could no longer endure it, without discussing it with the driver (Panciatici) who caused the problem at the track in Austria. There was less discussion about him and Yvan Muller, the owner of the team whose driver drove me out, and someone who was eager to see my back.”