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Cosworth Electronics secures hybrid contract

Cosworth Electronics has secured the contract to design, supply and service the new hybrid system that will be introduced for the 2022 British Touring Car Championship.

The new hybrid system was announced last year with the possibility that it could be brought into play as early as 2021.

However, with a decision now taken over who to use for the supply of the system, series organisers TOCA have also confirmed that the original introduction date of 2022 will apply.

The additional hybrid power will be used by each driver for either passing or defending and will introduce new competitive strategies and opportunities during each BTCC race.

Performance simulations undertaken by Cosworth show that the most significant gains will be achieved at the low engine RPM ranges, providing drivers with the chance to pull alongside or gain ground on the opposition.

After lap one of a race, drivers will have control over the amount of their hybrid energy they use or regenerate – and when – during the course of each race.

A steering wheel mounted button will engage the hybrid system once full traction has been achieved, with the system then deactivating when manually selected, or when a number of other factors – such as use of the brakes or energy limit – are reached.

Testing and simulations will refine the more exact nature of the driver-selectable hybrid power delivery, as well as configuring the varying amounts of regeneration and hybrid power that will be used to replace the current success ballast system.

The total system weight will be some 10kg less than the maximum success ballast weight (75 kg) previously used.