Photo: PSP Images

“Reverse garages” for Silverstone BTCC round

British Touring Car Championship bosses have announced a new initiative for the penultimate meeting of the season at Silverstone in September aimed at bringing fans closer to the action.

Teams will operate with reverse garages over the course of the weekend, with the main working area now facing out into the paddock rather than towards the pit-lane, as is the norm at racing events around the globe.

It means fans will be able to see teams working on the cars at close quarters rather than finding them hidden behind the garage boards that traditionally hide the main working area away from public view.

“I think it’s a great idea – obviously, because it’s mine!” series chief executive Alan Gow said. “But we’re doing this solely for the fans. It’ll give the teams and drivers more time to interact with the public and will really add to the whole BTCC experience for our spectators.

“Normally the garages are ‘dressed’ and set-up to face the pit-lane so are really only seen by ourselves – the fans usually just get to see the back walls of the garage and all the messy bits. By effectively reversing the pit garages so that the front faces into the paddock, they will get to see everything going on inside.

“If it works – which I’m sure it will – in addition to Silverstone, the same layout could also be used at Donington Park and Snetterton – anywhere we can make plenty of room behind the garages. This will create a more immersive atmosphere as the fans can watch the teams and drivers preparing for their races. Then, when the cars need to be on track, the team will just push the car back and out the pit-lane door.”