Photo: TCR Australia

Triple Eight boss criticises BoP but does not rule out future entry

Triple Eight Race Engineering boss Roland Dane has criticised the Balance of Performance (BoP) system for the TCR formula that made its debut “Down Under” this year with the TCR Australia series.

“TCR are all front-wheel drive, they are all four-cylinder turbocharged engines give or take a couple of hundred ccs and if they were doing their job properly in that formula they wouldn’t need Balance of Performance,” said Dane to

Dane even goes as far as saying the BoP system in TCR is unscientific and points to the BoP system of GT3 as an example of how it should work.

“They are trying to encompass so many different sorts of car they need something along the lines of BoP that’s been developed by SRO (Stephane Ratel Organisation). If you look at that, it’s now been developed so much over the years it isn’t chopped and changed all the time,” said Dane.

“It’s not being made up as you go along, whereas the TCR stuff is being made up as you go along. It’s clearly not very scientific, it’s reactionary.”

Despite that Dane is not ruling out a future entry in the TCR category.

“We’re pragmatists here, I’d never rule it out,” said Dane.

Triple Eight is currently running the official Holden programme in the Supercars Championship as well as an independent Mercedes entry in the Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia series.

TouringCarTimes has contacted WSC Group Ltd, the rights holder of TCR, for a comment.