Photo: Peter Elling-Jordt

Mikael Kildevæld enters TCR Denmark Gentleman Cup

Experienced TCR racer Mikael Kildevæld has announced his entry for the inaugural TCR Denmark series season with a Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

Having already done a few seasons with a Cupra TCR in the Danish Yokohama Super Cup series, Kildevæld already knows his way around the Danish circuits with TCR machinery.

This season, Kildevæld and his team, Kildevæld Racing, are aiming high for the Gentleman Cup of TCR Denmark.

“I’ve been racing in the Yokohama Super Cup since 2012, the first years in a Volkswagen Polo followed by a few years in a Cupra TCR. I have been a fan of the TCR series all along, and I have been pushing for the series to come to Denmark for a while. So yes, I am very much looking forward to getting started this season,” says Kildevæld.

“The cars are really great. It is a car that people can relate to, which makes the TCR series work so well for me. I know that I won’t be competing head to head with Jan Magnussen and the other top drivers, but I think we will have a good time in the Gentleman Cup this season. We might be a small team, but we are going out there to enjoy some great racing!”

The team has taken delivery of the car and is currently preparing for the first official test day at FDM Jyllandsringen on the first of April.