Cupra implement 3D printing technology for new TCR car

Cupra is in the final process of completing the new 2020 Cupra Leon Competition TCR and has announced implementation of 3D printing technology in its production.

“For the new Cupra Leon Competition we modelled the steering wheel’s centre control module, the bonnet air vents, door mirrors and the brake and water cooling inlets,” said Xavi Serra, the head of technical development at Cupra Racing.

“The main goal is to have a lot of parts in a short time. We can quickly test a wide variety of designs and furthermore, since vehicle development is now done in parallel, this technology enables us to react swiftly to any changes in the design process.”

The team has put the new 3D printed parts to test at the Portimao track in Portugal.

“The results were excellent, and some were even surprising, because we were looking to push the material to its limits,” said Serra.

“This technology is and will continue to be key in countless fields to make the most complex ideas a reality.”

The new Cupra will be revealed on February 20th at the inauguration of the Cupra Garage.