Changes to compensation weight system introduced for 2020

The technical department of WSC, the TCR rights holder, has announced changes to the compensation weight system for all TCR sanctioned series, excluding the World Touring Car Cup and the endurance races of minimum two hours, with immediate effect.

The algorithm for the compensation weight has gone from including average lap times from both qualifying and races, to include only the cars classified in the first half of qualifying results.

Cars classified in the second half of the result timesheets are not given compensation weight.

“The reason for this change was to prevent teams and drivers from tricking and posting slower lap times during the races,” said WSC president Marcello Lotti.

“We thought that focusing on the fastest qualifying lap times would better reflect the performance of the cars. On top of this we have also decided to restrict the application of the compensation weight to the first half of the qualifying results, in order not to penalize too much the drivers who are in the second part of the time sheet.”

All TCR cars will start the season without compensation weight, which will then be re-calculated after each event according to the qualifying results.

The maximum compensation weight is 60kg and new drivers or new car models that join after the first race of the season will receive 30kg, including drivers that change car model during the season.

The compensation weight is different to the balance of performance weights that were announced for the 2020 season last week.