Sydney Motorsport Park confirmed for Supercars re-opener

Sydney Motorsport Park has been confirmed to host the first Supercars Championship race on June 27-28 following the coronavirus break as a TV-only event.

“There’s two reasons,” said Supercars CEO Sean Seamer.

“The first is logistical reasons, that it’s in between most of our teams in Queensland and Victoria; it has the convenience of the hotel over the road; it also has good proximity for TV crews so we can have less people travelling interstate to deliver the event.

“In addition to that, it’s a good precinct for us from a management point of view.

“There’s plenty of room out the back of the pits, it has big pit garages, so it enables us to meet the restrictions and be compliant. So it was a compliance decision and also a logistical decision.”

The Sydney round was initially planned for a night event in August while the re-opener will be held during daytime.

Drivers and team members will be required to stay at a hotel close to the circuit and remain isolated when not at the circuit. The exact race format is yet to be confirmed.

“We’re still working through that with the teams and our broadcast partners to maximise the amount of time that we have on-track and put on the best possible show for our fans,” said Seamer.

The remainder of the calendar will be revealed later this week.