Photo: The Bend Motorsport Park

The Bend Motorsport Park: “Supercars owe a big apology to South Australia”

The Bend Motorsport Park has been axed from the revised Supercars Championship calendar, leaving circuit managing director Sam Shahin fuming.

The circuit had previously been scheduled to host the first endurance round of the season, but was removed as the Supercars organisation decided to shorten the calendar due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Supercars owe a big apology to South Australia, and the many South Australian businesses and tourism operators that rely on event goers for their livelihoods, particularly at a time when their business has already been devastated by COVID restrictions,” wrote Shahin in an open letter.

“I am greatly disappointed for the greater public of South Australia that have been sold out, sold short of the wonderful spectacle that was to unfold in September.

“The irrational fear around attendance, broad travel restrictions and spectator attendance is unravelling daily, with every confidence that life is getting back to normal, and quite quickly. It just wasn’t enough.”

The Supercars organisation has stated its intentions to return to the circuit in 2021.

“The Bend is here to stay. It is our livelihood. We are in the business of motorsport and in that world, respect, honour and reputation is all that matters. We have a contractual agreement with Supercars for 2 more years and we intend on delivering the best events possible,” the letter from Shahin continued.

“In the meantime, The Bend confirms that it will continue the quest for national and international events for South Australia, with the impending announcement regarding the return of the Asian Le Mans Series from 2021.

“Australia is awash with great categories that still aspire to race at Australia’s best motorsport facility. We will welcome them, we will treat them with respect, and we will ensure that they have a great experience.”