Photo: TCR Denmark

Michelle Gatting escaped two brake failures unharmed: “It was incredibly scary”

Michelle Gatting endured a tough debut in the all-new TCR Denmark series as the 2020 campaign kicked off at Jyllandsringen.

Gatting suffered brake failure in races one and two, and was particularly lucky to avoid a massive crash in the latter.

“Suddenly I had no brake and at that moment I did everything I could to avoid the other drivers,” said Gatting.

“It was an incredibly scary experience to be completely powerless, to just hope to not hit anyone and become a passenger of the car until it stopped.”

The Peugeot 308TCR driver had qualified eleventh for the first race but went off at turn one, beaching the car in the gravel without any major damage.

“I was ‘lucky’ that it happened at the long straight so that I could just drive straight into the gravel and stop a few inches from the tyre wall,” said Gatting.

The second race saw her clip the front-left corner of Allan Kristensen’s Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR when going off at high speed at Turn 17.

“I got a decent blow to the head and neck, and I am a bit sore today,” said Gatting.

“Right now the car is being investigated on how this could happen in two races. The race ended in a way that was far from what any of us had hoped for, and I’m just really glad I was able to walk away without any injury.”