Photo: Supercars

Supercars target March for Gen3 prototype

Supercars says it hopes that the prototype car for the new Gen3 regulations will be in a position to make an appearance by March.

The Gen3 car had been scheduled to appear on track next year before the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the regulations being pushed back to 2022, with work ongoing to finalise the prototype machine.

Tenders are currently out for the pedal box, brakes package and wheel that will be used through to the end of 2025; both of which will draw to a close in the next month.

“The wheel and the brakes package are two that have got substantial lead times on them so we’ve gone to market early just to get some designs of wheels for us to consider,” Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess told the official series website.

“We hope to have a prototype up and running end of the first quarter next year, so we need to start that process. It’s a pretty sort of standard tender for something like this.

“We know most of the big companies that will engage straightaway but we want to make sure we’re fleshing out everybody in that marketplace.”

Burgess also confirmed the Gen3 car will use fly-by-wire technology as opposed to cable throttles that are currently in place, and will run a weight of 1,400kg including driver and fuel.

Control suspension will also be feature, with the cars having maximum aero of 300N front and 600N rear at 200km/h.