Photo: TCR Australia

Lee Holdsworth after first TCR laps: “The Alfa is really fun”

Former Supercars Championship driver Lee Holdsworth got his first taste of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR that he is going to drive in the 2021 TCR Australia series season for Ash Seward Motorsport.

“The Alfa is really fun. I’m having a ball inside the car while I get my head around it,” said Holdsworth.

“The Alfa has amazing braking capabilities. It’s good fun with the paddle shift too, so I’m really enjoying it and becoming to get more comfortable, despite the weather.”

Holdsworth made his full-time Supercars debut in 2006 and has raced there since, describing the difference between a Supercar and TCR car as “significant”.

“The differences between a Supercar and TCR car are pretty significant – going from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive,” said Holdsworth.

“You can’t really influence the turn of the car with throttle like I’ve been used to. It’s a new challenge and a new way of thinking.”

Holdsworth drove the Alfa Romeo at Symmons Plains where the season will start on January 24-26.

“Symmons Plains always makes for an interesting first lap,” said Holdsworth.

“The hairpin can turn into a car park, and it is sometimes a lottery about which line to take. There are two genuine racing lines that you can take and run side-by-side with someone from entry to exit. The camber of the corner is unique and allows different options. It’s going to really suit these cars.

“The track itself is in good nick, so I’m looking forward to getting out here next weekend.

“There’s a lot of big name, profiled drivers joining which is huge too. It’s exactly why I chose TCR. Chaz (Mostert) is huge for the category and I think they’ll be some great racing and close competition. They’ll be a lot of people out there to win and hopefully we’ll be the mix.”