Photo: Lars Højris

Lars Højris plans Opel entry for 2021 season

Lars Højris is planning to enter an Opel Astra TCR for the 2021 TCR Denmark series season.

“TCR Denmark is a great series, and I was very impressed right from the start – and it suited me very well that I grew up with Opel to a degree,” said Højris.

“I myself had 5-6 Kadett GSIs in the good old days, and all my company cars are Opel and bought from Opel Lemvig. So the road was paved when we one day talked about the possibility of getting an Opel to the Danish circuits.”

Højris raced a Peugeot in Yokohama SuperCup Denmark last year for Madbull Racing and is currently in dialogue with Opel Motorsport and Opel Denmark for the upcoming season.

“I am in full dialogue with Opel Denmark and a string of dealers to get the project completely finished – and it is no secret that we would like two cars in the long run. But this year we must first and foremost get to know the car,” said Højris.

“We have full support from Opel and their entire department in Germany. They are very interested in getting an Opel Astra TCR to drive in Denmark.”