European manufacturer in talks with Supercars organisation

A European manufacturer is, according to, in talks with the Supercars Championship organisation about a potential entry under the new Gen3 regulations.

“Yeah, I know that there is a lot of interest in that. As I said to you before, I’m bound by an NDA on that,” said Sean Seamer, Supercars CEO to

The manufacturer is yet to be identified, but previous rumours have circulated around Jaguar.

One of the teams that is yet to confirm manufacturer under the new Gen3 regulations (set for introduction mid-2022) is Walkinshaw Andretti United.

While the team has previously indicated its intent to bring a third manufacturer to the Australian championship, there are currently no such plans according to team manager Ryan Walkinshaw.

“No, unfortunately not. We’ve been talking about bringing in other manufacturers for quite some time,” said Walkinshaw.

“Our objective would still be to explore that. Until we actually know what the options are for Gen3 then we’re not going to commit to anything.

“There’s still a fair bit of information that we need to see before we understand what we’ll be doing going forward. We’re still waiting for information from Supercars. I can’t really give you timelines as that’s not something I’m really in control of.”