Yokohama confirmed as tyre supplier for STCC in new electric era

Yokohama has been confirmed to continue as official tyre supplier to the STCC as the championship goes fully electric for the coming season.

“We look forward to taking a historic step forward together with the STCC in the electrification of the championship where we will deliver high-performance tyres that meet the increased demands both in terms of performance and entertainment,” said Göran Bengtsson, CEO of Yokohama Sweden.

“The cooperation with the most prestigious racing championship in Scandinavia gives us the ultimate marketing platform for our products which is further enhanced by STCC’s unique focus on electrification, both on and off the track.”

The Japanese tyre manufacturer has been the official tyre supplier since 2009 with some shorter breaks.

“We are very pleased to continue and deepen our successful collaboration with Yokohama as we enter the new electric STCC era,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

“Yokohama’s vast experience in developing and manufacturing tyres for both motorsport and electrified high-performance vehicles is a key part in the electrification of our championship from 2023 onwards.”

2023 will see a single control tyre which will be used in both wet and dry conditions, a tyre which has been used during development of the new cars.

“The new tyres mean that the new STCC cars are not only extremely fun to drive as a driver, they are also fun to watch as a spectator as they will provide spectacular racing – something that is a high priority with the new electric regulations,” said Alexander Graff, competition manager for STCC.

“I’ve driven the electric STCC prototypes with the new tyres and it’s no problem to set a long drift at the exit of the corners, it’s properly addictive. You really have to use all of your skills to drive these cars on the limit, at the same time as the overtaking opportunities will increase with longer braking distances.”