Photo: STCC/Oscar Malmlund

STCC confirms second city event for 2024

Organisers of the STCC have confirmed that a second city event will be added to the schedule for the 2024 season.

The inaugural campaign for the series since the switch to full electric power will include a city event in Helsingborg this year, which will run to a unique head-to-head format.

Now, a second event running to the same format has been confirmed for Gothenburg as part of a three-year deal that will come into effect next year.

The first race – which will come a decade after the last event in Gothenburg – is scheduled for the weekend of 14-15 June.

“We are extremely proud to continue our expansion back into the cities and above all to return to Gothenburg with a long-term collaboration – a city with a strong interest in motoring and leading environmental work,” Micke Bern, CEO of STCC, said.

“I myself remember when I raced here in STCC 2009 in front of a fantastic and large audience. Together with Göteborg & Co, enabling STCC’s comeback in the championship’s new electrified and spectacular era will be ‘closing the circle’, not just for me, but for everyone involved.”

The location in the city where the event will be held is to be revealed later this year.

“Work on the track’s location and layout is currently underway in collaboration with Göteborg & Co and we look forward to being able to reveal this later this year,” Bern added.

“Now we have secured Gothenburg and Helsingborg for the STCC 2024 calendar and we also have dialogue with more cities where our working plan is to increase the proportion of city competitions alongside the traditional tracks.”

A return to the city has only been made possible by the decision to revert to electric power, which brings the series in line with Gothenburg’s drive to improve sustainability.

“It’s great fun that STCC is back in Gothenburg from 2024 onwards,” Magnus Hallberg, Vice President & Events Manager at Gothenburg & Co. said. “We are looking forward to exciting races and we are very happy that STCC is coming to us with an electrified championship, something that fits well with Gothenburg, which is the world’s most sustainable destination.”

The STCC raced on a semi-permanent circuit in the middle of Gothenburg (Frihamnspiren) from 2008 to 2014.