Photo: Drivecenter Arena

Skellefteå moved to season opener as STCC revises schedule

Organisers of the STCC have confirmed further revisions to the calendar for the inaugural season of the new electric era.

The campaign had been due to kick off at Falkenberg in July, but delays caused as a result of component shortages required to build the all-new STCC machines has resulted in the decision to move the opening round back to August.

As a result, the event at Drivecenter Arena in Skellefteå will now become the opening round of the campaign, with the remaining rounds all retaining the dates they held on the previously announced schedule.

The only exception is a new meeting that is set to take place between Knutstop and Mantorp Park in September to allow the series to run the six planned events for year one under electric power.

Whilst the event is still listed as TBC on the revised calendar, talks with bosses at the Falkenberg circuit are ongoing.

“We regret that we will not be able to invite the audience in Falkenberg to our world premiere, which will instead take place at the Drivecenter Arena,” STCC CEO Micke Bern said, “and we would like to extend a big thank you to all parties involved for their understanding and willingness to find new solutions.

“Unfortunately, delays and rescheduling are something you have to adapt to in today’s world situation, but we will not deviate from our basic plan of running six race weekends in the 2023 season.

“We are currently working on planning a new race weekend and we will meet Ronny Andersson from Falkenbergs Motorklubb next week. More information will come shortly.”

EPWR continues to work on the build of the twelve new cars that will feature on the grid this season, with the decision to delay round one ensuring more time is available for teams to receive their cars and then carry out testing before the campaign gets underway.

“We are in the middle of the biggest shift in the history of motorsport with the electrification of the STCC, at the same time that we have just come out of a pandemic and a tragic war is going on in Europe,” EPWR CEO Micke Jansson said.

“Unfortunately, delays linked to component shortages are a factor that cannot be ruled out and something that forces us to postpone the delivery of the new cars.”

2023 STCC Calendar – Revised

3/4 August – Drivecenter Arena
18/19 August – Gelleråsen
26 August – Helsingborg
31 August / 1 September – Ring Knutstorp
22/23 September – Mantorp Park