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Dan Cammish ‘lost for words’ after qualifying woes

Dan Cammish admitted he was ‘a bit lost for words’ after the incident in qualifying that consigned him to the back of the grid for the opening race of the weekend at Snetterton.

The BTCC points leader had set the pace in second free practice and was amongst the expected favourites to challenge for pole only to go off into the barriers on the exit of Hamilton after clipping a tyre stack.

That resulted in the session being halted for a second time and, as per championship rules, saw Cammish stripped of his fastest lap time.

Having only set one timed lap, that means he will drop to the back for race one.

“I’m a bit lost for words, and disappointed as I don’t come racing to crash cars,” he said. “At the end of the day, we push the limits and it’s a fine line, and I was on the wrong side of it. I’ve been driving here for years and not had that accident, and could be driving here for years in the future and wouldn’t have it again, so all I can do now is focus on tomorrow.

“I just turned in too early and I realised I had and tried to turn out again and just brush the tyre stack. Even though I only glanced it, it shot me off the tarmac and I was just a passenger. It was so underwhelming but I got caught out and paid the price.

“To be at the back as the points leader is a blow for the championship but it’s done now, and I have to try and bounce back.”