STCC forced to delay, compress inaugural electric season

Organisers of the STCC have confirmed that the 2023 season will undergo further revisions as a result of manufacturing delays with the all-new electric cars being introduced this year.

Supply chain issues relating to the battery systems being used on the next generation of STCC machine have left the series with no option but to move the season back to September, and also reduce the number of planned events.

As a result, just three double-header meetings – at Ring Knutstorp, Ljungbyhed Motorbana and Mantorp Park – will now take place in 2023, with Skellefteå, Gelleråsen and Helsingborg all having to wait until next year to host the all-electric series for the first time.

The three meetings that are scheduled will take place across a condensed period of a month.

“With the electrification of the STCC, we are taking the biggest step forward ever for the championship and Scandinavian motorsport, a big step that unfortunately is not resistant to delays in the deliveries of the advanced components that are being manufactured by EPWR and their subcontractors,” Micke Bern, CEO for STCC, said.

“Because of the delays, we have no other choice but to compress the season to the month of September. It is a tough decision to be forced to take, but we are doing this in consultation with EPWR, the teams, the organisers, Swedish Motorsport Federation and partners to be able to ensure that the necessary preparations and tests are carried out that are needed for this historic shift.

“The 2023 season will not be according to the original plan, but we are working around the clock to resolve the situation in the best possible way. We want to express a huge thank you to the teams, partners, organisers and Swedish Motorsport for their understanding and help in this situation.”

The delays mean that the STCC cars will not now arrive in Sweden until August, with battery supplier STARD having been forced into a change of supplier in order to deliver the parts required.

“Unfortunately, one of our strategically important suppliers, responsible for a critical element of the battery system, has breached their commitments to us,” STARD CEO Michael Sakowicz said.

“This has forced us to change suppliers and come up with a new plan which unfortunately means that we will not be able to deliver complete systems according to the original plan.

“We regret the situation that has arisen and are working fully together with EPWR and STCC to reduce the impact of the delays as much as possible.”

Updated 2023 STCC calendar

31 August/1 September – Knutstorp
16 September – Ljungbyheds Motorbana
22/23 September – Mantorp Park