Further details revealed on TCR World Ranking Final

Further details have finally been released on the TCR World Ranking final, including information of how entries will be determined for the inaugural event.

The top 15 from the TCR World Tour after Macau will secure an immediate place in the qualifying race and final of the event, with remaining drivers going into a series of play-off races during the three-day event to determine which of the 45 additional drivers make it to the ultimate final.

The first raft of drivers eligible to compete in the event will be the top 45 drivers from the TCR World Rankings – excluding the 15 drivers who have qualified through the World Tour – with any drivers from 46th to 65th falling into a second priority list to fill any gaps.

A third priority list will be made up of 30 wild card drivers chosen by a committee from WSC and the various TCR manufacturers with drivers in priority list two and three only earning a place in spaces having not been filled.

The opening day of the event will then comprise of practice and qualifying, with the World Tour drivers having their own practice session and the remaining races placed into three groups for both practice and qualifying.

Day two will then feature qualifying for the World Tour drivers alongside three play-off races that will see each of the additional three groups race twice.

The top 15 drivers scoring points in those races – which will be handed out down to 15th place – will then qualify for the qualifying race, with one side of the grid being decided by World Tour qualifying and the other by the play off results.

The qualifying race will determine the grid for the final, with four further drivers earning a place through a repechage race reserved for the drivers eliminated in the play-off – with the grid determined via earlier points scored.

Drivers’, Teams’ and Manufacturers’ championships will all be handed out.