Ford Mustang parity changes confirmed for Gold Coast

The parity changes to the Ford Mustang have been confirmed by the Supercars Championship organisation ahead of this weekend’s Gold Coast 500.

A total of six changes have been implemented to the Mustang, including an increased rear wing span of 100mm, an increased rear wing position by 25mm up/25mm back, increased maximum rear wing angle of seven degrees, changed front fascia elements, changed side skirts and a ‘wheelband’ insert ahead of the front wheels.

Dick Johnson Racing driver Will Davison has tested the new changes to his Mustang:

“With the changes this weekend, we’re excited, we’re certainly excited to continue maximising ourselves and our own potential,” Davison said.

“I’m sure, with the changes that we’ve got might see us step up our performance. It’s a pretty fickle sort of topic, particularly in very, very close cars. The field is covered by nothing. So, it’s minor minor tweaks that we’re getting on the cars.

“Whether you’re chasing straight-line speed… and the Gold Coast isn’t like Bathurst, the straights are much shorter. The handling in the chicanes is really critical around the Gold Coast. But aero balance is very important.

“We’re talking hundredths of a second, tenths of a second, that’s going to make the difference.

“And I did the testing a little while back with these proposed changes. I felt like it just made the car a little bit nicer, in a few areas.

“We’re not looking at major differences. But hopefully just that little bit of extra stability and grip to help us set the car up and give us that even playing ground that drivers are after.”