TOCA confirms new Junior Championship to launch in 2025

BTCC organisers TOCA have confirmed further details around a new Junior Championship set to be introduced onto the UK motorsport scene from 2025.

TOCA announced plans to launch a new series after Ginetta took the decision to move its championships to the British GT package ahead of 2023, meaning there was no longer a junior series on the BTCC support bill.

The new series – details of which remain provisional – is set to be run by the team behind the Junior Saloon Car Championship with support from both TOCA and the British Automobile Racing Club.

Current plans will see the series feature rear-wheel drive cars with a sealed 1800cc engine weighting in at around 830kg, with a number of control parts and adjustable suspension to provide a way in which cars can be tailored to suit a drivers needs.

A saloon body will include front splitter and rear diffuser, along with a rear wing, with cars running on Goodyear tyres.

Prices will be in line with existing junior cars with full details to be confirmed in the Spring before a car appears on show at 2024 BTCC events.