Compensation Weight undergoes tweaks for 2024 season

The Compensation Weight system in use in TCR competition will be revised for 2024 in a move that puts the focus more on race results.

The current system put in place by WSC Group back in 2021 looks at the fastest lap posted by drivers in qualifying, with additional weight added to cars on a sliding scale from 40kg down to 0kg.

Under the new rules, the system of Compensation Weight will now be based on race results, taking into account the points scored by each driver across a race weekend.

The top scoring driver will carry an extra 40kg, with second and third both carrying 30kg, and the drivers in fourth and fifth carrying 20kg and 10kg respectively. Sixth and onwards will carry no Compensation Weight.

Only the top four will be allocated extra weight – on a 40-30-20-10 scale – if six or fewer cars are competing.

“Following several analysis, and after listening to the advice of promoters and manufacturers, we came to the decision that a change was needed,” WSC president Marcello Lotti said.

“We believe that the new system, based on the actual results of a whole racing weekend, is more straightforward, makes more difficult to create any kind of strategies and it’s easier to be understood.”